Longgings Realizados Por Mim


Logs from Two Roads,Paraiba,Brazil, today 12th November 2011, this was listened at Nigth,01:30(UTC):
9675,Rádio Canção Nova,Catholic Music in Portuguese,54545.
9780,Rádio Yemem,Music and Identity in Arabic,34433.
9820,Rádio Nove de Julho,National Transmission Network with Radio Aparecida,44444.
11680,Rádio Exterior de España,Kind of soap opera in Spanish,55555.
12105,WTWW,Bible Reading in Portuguese,44544.
15100,The Voice of North Kórea,Mxs in Chinese on Frech Program,44544.
15190,Rádio Incofidência,Songs and Comments,55545.
15220,Rádio Free Ásia,Songs in Tibetan,34543.
15230,Rádio Habana Cuba,About Informatica Comments in Spanish,55555.
15310,BBC World Service,After political comment and Identification,45544.
15345,Rádio Nacional de Argentina,Talk to the presenters,55545.
15390,China National Rádio,Music and commentary in Uighur,55555.
15425,China Rádio International,Presenter speaks Postal Address, Email Address and Website of the Issuer in Amoy,55545.
15440,WYFR-Family Rádio,Gospel music in Spanish,54545.
15455,FEBC Manila,Comments and ID in Chinese,44544.
Receiver:Goal Gl-8500
Antenna:Long-Wire-15 m And Vertical 5m

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