Longgings Realizados Por Mim


Logs from Two Roads,Paraiba,Brazil, today 11th November 2011, this was listened at Afternom,19:40(UTC):
9.535,Adventist World Rádio,The host of the talk Postal Address,44544.
9.580,Rádio Africa n1,Program of African music,43544.
12.005,Rádio Tunis,Arabic Musics,55544.
12.015,The Voice of North Kórea,Korean Classical Music,44544.
15.140,Rádio Sultanate Omam,Comments in Arabic,45544.
15.190,Rádio Inconfidência,Program of country music and Mining,55544.
15.330,Rádio Marti,American Electronic Music,44444.
15.540,Rádio Kuwait,American pop music,55544.

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