Longgings Realizados Por Mim


Logs from Two Roads,Paraiba,Brazil, today 05th November 2011, this was listened at Nigth, 01:40 up 02:05(UTC):
4.885,Rádio Clube do Pará,Commercial Break,44544.
7.290,The Voice of Rússia,News And Reports In English,44544.
7.375,Croatian Rádio,News And Talks in Croatian,54545.
15.000,WWV,Sign of the Time and Time Information in English,45544.
15.115,Voice of América,Music Program in Burmese,55545.
15.160,China Rádio International(CRI),Music Program And Talks in Chinese,45544.
15.190,Rádio Inconfidência,Ancient Music of longing Club Program,44544.
15.230,Rádio Habana Cuba,Talks in Spanish,55555.
15.270,China National Rádio(2),Identification And News in Chinese,45544.
15.275,Rádio Thailand International,News in English,34543.
15.285,Rádio Pilipinas,Musics in English,55545.
15.345,Rádio Nacional de Argentina,Argentine Tango Music in Spanish,55545.
Receiver:Tecsun DR-920
Antenna:Long Wire 15m And Vertical 5m.

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