Rádio Free Ásia Lança Qsl de N:43


A Rádio Free Ásia Comunica Aos Seus Ouvintes Que a Emissora Lançou Neste Ultimo Mês de Dezembro o Novo Modelo de Cartão Qsl é o Qsl de N:43,Recebi o Email Da Emissora Vejam:
Hi Álex:  
RFA is happy to announce our 43rd QSL card. This new 
design commemorates 2012 as the Year of the Dragon;  
this is also the sixth card in our Chinese Lunar New Year 
series. According to the Chinese astrological calendar, 2012 is 
the Year of the Dragon.  Please see the attached PDF for 

You received this email as you have expressed interest in our 
programming and QSL cards in the past; please let us know if 
you  prefer to be dropped from our distribution list. 
Best wishes from all of us at RFA for a very happy New 
AJ Janitschek - Radio Free Asia - 2025 M Street, NW - Washington DC 20036 - United States of America 
+1 (202)530-4999
-Este é o Qsl:

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